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Embracing Beta

I had one of those ideas that make you say "wow" out-loud. I think it's a thing. In the past (or some of them) I would just file that in the ooo-idea box and never look at it again. I've also been known to "blog" or "journal" a time or two. It all just ends up in Ignatius Reilly's bathtub (oo, riterary).

The self loathing that people who've had overbearing fathers is part of an "adaption". The classic (let's say 1950's) buzzcut football homophobe dad has had an evolutionary advantage throughout most of history. If you win the "who cares the least what people think" contest, even when you're doing obviously antisocial stuff, that's a real advantage in a world where you have to swing dicks with the big bosses in town. The silverback curmudgeon that runs the mill is not going to give you a break on your fees, unless you toe the line (join his tribe). He wants a tribe full of enthusiastic dick swingers. For his daughters or whatever.

The son (daughters' dynamic is different) that can't keep up and can't meet the standards of coach dad is a fork in the graph of evolutionary strategy for men. I'll call it the "Woody Allen Branch". Woody Allen (putting the ugly recent past aside) has gotten himself a lot of ladies. And not just regular ladies, but sexy ladies. And were it not for birth control, he'd have oceans of babies. That's the whole point of life (ducks), so not a bad strategy.

The point is there's a whole different kind of "successful" for people who've had their nose rubbed in it during their "formative years"

This all qualifies as bleeding obvious, really. I can recall people pointing this out many times. The classic is Feminist Man, which is pretty blatant. Pretty #joerogan

The "wow" is when you figure out that you just may be one of these and embrace it. It's all a big negative to the haters in your life, but you've got a proud tradition and you are the one who genuinely doesn't give a fuck.

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