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Franklin the Platypus

What is the deal with all of the self-hate? We caught up with me and had a conversation:

me: What's the deal with all of the self-hate?

me: Yes, that's the first sentence of this post.

me: Aanyway, you get the impression that it's wide-spread. It's pretty embarrassing to even think you have such a problem. We know at least you're not unique.

me: I am not unique.

me: No I am not.

me: Without getting into a bunch of metaphysical mush, maybe we can just say "it's adaptive". It sure seems like an impulse that's out of one's control, mostly. There doesn't seem to be a correlation between trying ever more layers of ever more elaborate ways of "stopping" or "curbing" it to seemingly no effect.

me: One theory I have for this is that you're dealing with "emotions" which (maybe by definition) are out of our "control" ...and yet aren't. It's maybe something like appetite. It's just way deep down in your hardwear and there's a Very Good Reason evolution (or, whatever Zoster) made it that way. Appetite is a hard-but-not-impossible problem, and having "healthy" emotions is the same.

me: Ya thik?

me: Yes, I do.

me: Can we learn anything about the 'science' of appetite control that might apply to emotions?

me: Well, interesting that I should say that. Don't a lot of folks that have 'issues' with 'emotions' also have a weight problem?

me: That's correct, exactly one lot of folks.

me: But you kid. Maybe appetite is an emotion? Or at least a cousin.

me: hmm...

me: hmm...

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