Mike Burr - log

I am my own master

"I am my own master" first of all has such an "impossible is nothing" ring to it that I have to get force myself to get past that cringe. Then, when I think about it, it's it has some layers of profundity to it.

First of all do you have a master? If it's possible to not have a master, and you answered "no one", is that definitely a good thing? Everyone has their animal side, occasionally. Maybe you need a master. If it's someone other than you, that's also probably not good, unless you respect that person and your interests for your own development are definitely aligned (are they?). If you are your own master, then you are thinking in an interesting way, because it implies two "yous" and you've also contradicted yourself because it implies your master's master has no master, which we started out by assuming is impossible (we already covered the possible case).

So maybe, ideally, your master has no master and he is your master. Get it? I don't, but I think it's at least a good exercise to think of your "executive" as something you can develop and can crack the whip? Or maybe sooooth you with a nice back rub? "hey, me. I look stressed out. relax, bruh."

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