Mike Burr - log

At least two kinds of critiszm

There's at least two kinds of criticism...

  • I disagree with your conclusions

  • I disagree with the quality of your thinking, and by the way, I don't know any of your conclusions.

If you come up to me on the street and pick a fight about do I think a) Back Lives Definitely Definitely Matter Bigtime, Buster or b) should the imugrints bee duportid, you are not inviting me to a discussion about ideas, you are inviting me to a one man/woman theater performance where you put on a show and feel superior to everyone who isn't a True Believer. Sorry I won't be your theater fodder.

I disagree with you in the second of the above two ways. You're waiving some kind of bait over my head, wrapped in litmus paper and waiting to discover if I'm One Of Them.

Just, do better things with your life. Read a book maybe.

- 2 toasts