Mike Burr - log

[mind][comp] 3rd Eye backup-cam

I honestly think the following is possible, practical, wearable, fashionable...

You haver a thing glued to your back. It is a kind of "monochrome monitor", but it's flexible and made of rubber and is thoroughly (though not chafeingly) glued to your skin.

Also, instead of light, this emits tiny tickles of electricity. Tinier or painfully bright -- just like a black and white TV.

But otherwise, it's analogous to a CRT.

This thing is hooked up to a regular old video output, just like a regular monitor. Remember, it's glued to your back.

And it comes with lots of AI sauce but also thoughtful design.

You skit down and go through a basic training exercise:

  1. A vertical line of constant brightness is drawn down the center of this "monitor".
  2. If it "looks" straight and uniform and down the center, go on to the next exercise.
  3. If not, let the computer jiggle some pixels and see if we can come to an agreement on what is "a straight uniform line down the middle".
  4. Repeat above loop until you and your coach are satisfied.
  5. Do above loop but with a progression from "ok now horizontal line" and "ok, now circle centered here" all the way to "ok, here is some full-on video, can you see it? was the boy wearing a hat or not?...repeat!"

Surely, surely this is a thing. Surely the legitimately blind are willing to give it a go, and it seems maker-able.

- 1 toast