Mike Burr - log

Anybody have a parent they loathe?

Now, first and foremost, it's not good to loathe anybody. And (since you are reading this) you and I know we get some little cheap thrill when we give that person you "loath" a real good tellin' in your head. Admit it. It's that skeet of dopamine that you love. "Ha! I really told him/her".

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that's counter-productive.

But here's the phoney bologna insight I had: the write-you-out-of-my-life level of hatred for a parent has an evolutionary purpose. No? Herd too big, time to bust it up? Time to set out on my own and really get me a goood harem?

Likewise, young teenage daughters often develop this uncontrollable repulsion toward their fathers. It's common: "Ew. Gross. Dad. Embarrassing. I Height ewe!!" -- Curbs incest.

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