Mike Burr - log


Here's how I've come to think about money.

Being militantly anti-money (or "anti-materialist") is just as thoughtless is being fanatically "must acquire things!!"

And I think it's almost exactly analogous to "deeply religious -vs- edgy angsty atheistic". Again! Neither is helpful!

Material things are useful in as much as they serve a purpose, even if it's just a nice piece of art you look at when you step out of the shower. If you are (you angsty atheist) anti-poverty too, you should stop to consider that giving stuff to folks (even if it's assistance) requires things, sometimes money, sometimes helicopters. But things!

And the fact that the OTHER guy that you DO NOT LIKE also has a helicopter, does not affect your chances of getting a helicopter of your own, to help people with.

- 1 toast