Mike Burr - log

Big Corpurashins

Ok, the first 5 minutes of this are amazing.

And then he goes all, this is all because of deregulation. I strongly disagree. I think some wires are crossed. Praying for a stronger, more benevolent and wiser big brother [this time🤞] is not going to work. I am pretty sure. "Regulation" means coercion. We want less of that, remember?

Yeabut! Yeabut!

All I am saying is, first do no harm. Calling for regulation goes off the fucking rails every. single. time. Has no one noticed this? You think you have just the right, carefully-crafted regulation in mind and that I'm not talking about you. But I am. What you have is a mushy piece of human reasoning scratched out in letters which, according to some future interpretation, will be used as a reason to spank someone.

I just think you know less than you think you know. That's all. Is that bad? Should I think the converse?

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