Mike Burr - log

Hey, again, Bear, it's me.

Hey, Bear, it's been a while.

I've been getting shit done. I don't know what I have to "get off my chest"... OH, the mask thing.

Are you fucking kidding me? Is "wearing a mask" yet another thing we're going to all take sides on? You are either pro-mask or anti-mask? (a "mask denier" if you will)

Dude, this is so, so overblown. Not to get all fuckin medical on you, but it took us centuries to get the gross understand we have of diseases and how they spread. "Mask probably better"? yes, probably. I don't know. How many studies should be heaped upon me before I give in? You think mask good? Good! Wear a mask. Pretty sure that's the end of it.

Maybe don't pass oodles of laws for the sole sake of signaling and just let the balance strike itself? Hmm? Do you think the one guy in the harley tee shirt is going to kill everyone in the room with his breath? (ok, yeah, could happen.)

Just. Fuck!

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