Mike Burr - log


Funny personal story:

My wife is Japanese. I am a Big Fat Fuck. She is ...Japanese.

We went together (to Japan) to her sister's wedding. We arrived at the big elaborate affair. There was an elevator taking guests and such up to the 2nd floor where the ceremony was to be held. So, naturally that elevator was bringing 6..7..8.. many people up with each trip. When I got on, (one big fat white guy, 6-8 tiny Japanese folk) the elevator, before closing the door, before trying to start upward, no, as soon as I got on starting alarming "brrrt brrrt brrrt...". Everyone in the car looks up at the button panel and sees a red light beneath the "OVERWEIGHT" label. Then everyone turns to look at me. I kind of mutter and get off of the elevator.

I may as well have been an actual white donkey.

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