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[bio] Distillation of Dank Slurry

I feel like there must be such a thing as "fractional distillation of cannabis plant materiel".

The plant's "flesh" is swimming with all these chemicals that breeders have encouraged the production of. They stink like Jah.

So I imagine you could just

  1. Add the right quantity of a good solvent to an industrial quantity of cannabis (why? well, jokes aside: the process benefits from scale).
  2. Pure that mofo real good. Like, maybe even some kind of enzyme to chop up the biggest/crudest biological chunks. I'm talkin molecule splittin'!
  3. Distill
    • More/Less Heat?
    • Centrifuge?
    • Ion-Exchange?!

Whatever the methods, you can distill anything. It's a sorting problem and it's only limited by your laziness. Surely the "interesting molecules" would be in a range somewhere. And at a large enough volume the layers can be arbitrary thick.

I'm sure it's all handled and they can literally reach in and grab the THC like ballers since long ago.

Great. That's the ultra premium. Great. Some folks like that. But what about the diesel? What about the kerosine? What about the swamp gas? What about the vaseline?

It may not be a thing, but my guess is there's a handful of "interesting" chemicals involved. They do different things to your various busses and registers in different ways depending on their "harmony". Like a-wine-a.

The other reason it's interesting is that it's within reach of "hobbyists". You can swap recipes and methods. You can go and talk to yer neighbor Jan Jandeson and see if he's got any tips on the refining process. Like moonshiners trying to squeeze out efficiency from their rickety old stills.

Did you shee dat Jan? Dat wash a Moomin!! I saw it!

Anyway, agriculture.

- 1 toast