Mike Burr - log

[BT®] Because the USD Dumpster Fire is Hidden on Purpose

Oh no!! krypto marketz are daown!

It's important to keep in mind that the USD has a huge, huge PR budget. Even infinite if you count it right. Cryptocurrencies don't have any (inorganic) PR. They are their P-arrr.

And folks who still play at Dollars in large volume have a disproportionate amount of control of things. The more it slips, the harder they grip. But what is slipping is the USD and the cause is an unstoppable force crypto-politics aside! Fiat currencies became a complete joke overnight, it's just that the folks who understand this are still pretty few. It's not hard to explain, when one explains to another and understanding dawns, you've got another infected meme-spreader. Tragic! Folks might give up completely on the dollar. Imagine. Impossible. Won't happen because I do not like it!

It's all downright Jacksonian. Watch out Seminoles!

- 1 toast