Mike Burr - log

[BT®] Eclipse attacks with humans as the target.

Seems like this is something we don't think about or at least think about in the right way. We see the forest, no trees (or however that goes).

I could

  • Install a virus on your phone that hijacks the price ticker you use.
  • Hijack the provider you use (probably also on you phone, probably also part of the very same app, e.g. metamask + metamask price ticker [widget?]) to send whatever coins you're dumping into my wallet.
  • I could do this with a zillion phones at once, each time just taking a sip of ether. Until someone notices. And I can do practically infinity things to evade detection. Of course you're exiting this doomed currency. Don't want to be around for the explosion. Nosiree.

That doesn't seem like a very tall order, given the incentives involved.

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