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[BT®] Feedback value is ∝ feedbacks-per-viewings

If you can't see the little fishie in the title it's "proportional to"—

I word this claim in smooshy language on purpose, because it's probably just the kernel of a better idea.

Using only the ratio of "hours viewed" and "number of interactions", you can gauge the value or sincerity of a user's feedback.

I'm thinking something like Youtube where there is a high, GET to POST ratio, meaning, "how much content is consumed vs how much content added". I use the http method names on purpose, because it really is that simple, I think. There's pretty much an exact correlation. If you wanted to capture this, you would need good metrics from the web servers.

By "number of interactions" I mean a metric that tries to capture, how "much" content was added. How many bytes of POST roughly. By "how much consumed" I mean exactly that. If you start to muck about and remove the data consumed by the layout http, and css, and whatever and carefully focused just on the video content (using YT as an example still), you are probably missing out. Maybe. Because all that stuff is "your content". Folks do not literally show up only for the movies. If they did, we'd just be trading play lists. Your whole site gotta represent.

Using GET/POST alone, you can put a number on the sincerity-scent of the user's contributions, and you can do math with numbers!

You could also account for "bursts" in the following way: A burst might mean three nights of vodka in a row, expunging all the powerful, vaguely racist sentiments. Or shaming someone about leaving a dog in a hot car. Or failing to put your shopping cart back (I bias towards the garbage "public freakout chaos" flavored content, myself...) You know, the common clay of the west.

Bursts of activity might also be, I just got out of grad school and can accurately but pedantically shame anyone on their lab technique (..."so I helpfully comment on a video." No vodka, just a Turkish hookah made from an old SGI case and microdosing.)


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