Mike Burr - log

[BT®] GPL 4.0

We here at GPL, inc. have realized that all of the terms of our previous licenses were enforced, when you trace out all the lines, at the point of a gun.

"You can't make no money with this!"

For example, we discovered that in order to enforce the above, there necessarily needs to be a penalty for violation of this rule. Otherwise what is it? A suggestion? A cultural norm that you shamefully violated in secret? A job for the Justice League?

"How on earth", we eventually asked ourselves, do you forbid someone from doing the above thing that we so blithely just "forbad". Crazy, right? Eventually, someone has to have the a judge make a draft from your bank account, or someone has to come with a gun to your door and take your new dining set away from you. Crazy. IKR! lol.


GPL 4.0 has the following conditions and bylaws

We don't particularly like the police, at least when it comes to knocking you around and taking your stuff. As we now realize have no control over what you do, have fun, bruh.

- 1 toast