Mike Burr - log

[BT®] libp2p based, distributed, Ethereum-centric chat/messenger

Probably on the heap of ideas already had, but still something that seems 100% technically achievable. Could we talk about a "spec"?

  • You run an app that is connected to an interactive wallet like Metamask
  • With said app, you can send a message to any valid address. It may go into a black hole (which you can detect) or it may "go" to another wallet-holder running the same app.
  • No need to overthink: you can spray pointless messages if you like, but they will just be ignored if you don't establish a cryptographic link wth the recipient/sender.
  • The receiver, likewise can:
    • Ignore all incoming messages (or indeed not even run the app!)
    • Whitelist and/or blacklist addresses.
    • Have the concept of "friends" maybe...? or an abstract contract interface definition that decides based on rules whether an incoming messages allowMessage(address) -> bool
  • In-selling (heh) -- build in the ability to click/follow ipfs:// links (probably counts as overthinking).
  • Crude but effective? -- Just have a contract that fires an event every time you receive a message, with (sender, message) as the data type. Without refinement, possible but impractical. But maybe the kernel of a good idea?

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