Mike Burr - log

[BT®] Metacoaster (or "an egg in these trying times")

We enjoy the ups and downs! We are confident that this ride has been built well, with safety in mind. So, for a growing number of people the USD vs <something> price is not by any means a good indicator of overall health of the network, say.


Think about it, is the price in USD of say Ether any indication at all of how the network is doing? It can be, but in the vast majority of times, it's a red-herring. We are all strapped in safely, watching where this thing goes.

It may fall off the tracks. But you've got arguments for why project X is going to beat the odds. Gobbless. I hope most of us are right. The bigger point is that the damn thing is deeply engrained and not going anywhere. Your funtokens will continue to have value so long as the park is open.

- 1 toast