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[BT®] There is totally an "ABB"

Not gonna look to see if another token has claimed "ABB", but there is /uuge/ potential with the crypto stuff and whatever-economy (uber et al).

I started thinking just AirBNB but it extends to all of them, probably.

You should be able to, for example...

  • Buy lodging futures. "I want to stay within N convenience-units from this point on the map. Does someone want to sell me that?". Yes you care about how nice the place is, you'd prefer to pick it, but having a guarantee is a whole new "device". "here are my criteria. here is how much trouble I'll go to get there (more convenient [e.g. closer], the more I'll pay)." ... "I want to stay 'around here' on these nights. I don't care so much about quality. I just need a place" ... you get the idea.
  • If every property had its own ERC20 token (no big deal), that might go a long long way. The specs, guarantees of staying at this property are built into the token: location, foofoo-rating, etc. You just need as additional input, how "inconvenient" it is given the desired location. We can kind of assume everyone gets there by car. If they pay a premium to fly, they probably don't care so much [*needs work].
  • Could the per-property tokens be "linked" in some way. "Here is how hard it is to get there from here". So you've got a graph of properties that can calculate how much, roughly, it costs to get from here to there. This might set the trading ration between these. You can adjust the exchange rate between property token A and property token B automatically ...

Um. Just seems like there's so much there here. Everyone had an website, then everyone had an app, now everyone and every thing needs a token (all the things), but having a mechanized way to calculate the value between two special ERC20 tokens would be cool. If folks disagree about that exchange rate, well then the system might have a way to adjust and factor that in, some. But some crude objective metric can still be there and serve as the bootstrapper.

There is maybe a call for a contract or some crazy thing that does this. It's so vague I'm not sure what's appropriate. Uniswap is an example of a thing that automated some financial thing that was up-til-now not automated in a decentralizable way.

So maybe we are talking about a DAO, a thing-o-swap dow. A Uniswap that has extra knowledge about how to compare to tokens "in the same class" (say ABB tokens above). This means that ABB is not a token but a class of tokens that can be interchanged in programable ways. Maybe your pool of value just gets churned around all day long, you can still reach in there and get enough value to buy the 20 ABB tokens you want.

I dunno...isstupid.

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