Mike Burr - log

[BT®] Things we must face

These things are coming and everyone is willfully blind to it:

Drugs. Lots of them.

The ability to buy drugs from anyone, with practically no risk of being caught. The USPS is going to become (if it already hasn't) just a great big, government funded illegal drugs delivery system. There is already too much of this going on to do anything about it. When people catch on and realize (if they already haven't) that the USPS will safely and securely get your fentanyl to its destination, and never mind blockchain. Do you think full-time drug dealer is going to have a problem with taking "venmo" into his grandmother's BOA account...? Be for real, hmm? It's already widespread and will go on forever. Not acknowledging e.g. the red light district, does not mean it doesn't exist.

Some kind of unimaginable ugliness involving the dollar.

No? Ok.

There's a lot of just-repeating-what-i-heard going on, but I think that you can confirm directly: "the stock market" is not up, if measured in gold, for decades. You're standing there like a moron watching the number go up. Like a child fascinated by a the wonder of it. Modern miracle capitalism. Tweak the currency just right and everyone gets rich!

Things that we used to call "loansharking" or "usury" already are ...you get the point

This is already happening too, of course. Someone can leverage themselves as deeply as they want. And 90% of them get zapped like bugs hitting a bugzapper. This has the effect of redistributing wealth from the stupid and irresponsible to the clever and good-humored (hopefully). "How make number go up" is not the guy we want in control of the capital. I think, anyway.

Dogecoin, while stupid, is better than the bank

Yep. I said it. It will thrash back and forth for a long time probably. People find it entertaining. Maybe 90% of humanity will own some some day for sentimental reasons. That's totally possible. It's The People's coin. I was able to briefly talk to a guy working on my house about doge coin. That's a blessing to that person and the persons that's helped. When it's somehow sinful to not keep your money in the banks, protected by the philosophy wizards that have exclusive access to the optimal interest rate for certain things. And there's no one behind the curtain. AND THAT MOVIE WAS ABOUT CENTRAL BANKING!! Did you know that? Some things are timeless, that's why.

The IRS is going to collapse under its own dumb weight

You are a computer science grad who's really jazzed with your bruhs about cyphering the datums, tatum.

Do you

  1. Work for jazzblockcoin.chain and really like the brogramming lifestyle.
  2. Work for the IRS, wearing a chimp suit, calling people "sir", and collecting money-apparently-owed by the morlocks?

Do you see my point? The IRS is run by Johnny Football. They are fucked.

And then what? If all of the IRS's wells run dry in a few short years, what replaces that? Do we just play cops 'n robbers chasing each other around the blockchain forever, threatening to find and physically harm you, so help me.

Escaping from the IRS is going to be as easy as pushing the "turbo" button and waving goodbye. Not now, but it's inevitable. The harder they try to prevent it, the faster it will happen. Then what?

In summary, gentlemen

I'm not predicting the end of humanity. I'm not even predicting expecting anything but a positive future, I'm just sayin. I'm just sayin!!! This stuff is challenging to understand. It's all super subtle and very few people actually understand the implications of "some crypto here" and "some crypto there". Do you know? What does operation X do? Is it reversible? So it might be better to just relax and accept that these things are happening and it probably will all work out instead of raging about it pointlessly and calling for the internet to be bombed. Just. Relax.

Understand, bend to your will. That's what you do.

- 1 toast