Mike Burr - log

[BT®] When "velocity of money" becomes relevant.

"Velocity of money" must pop up in the jargon of our finer schools, where the next round of lever-workers is groomed for their great task: number go up; maybe while discussing the grade or merit of their theses.

They, or someone or other have control of a few knobs that when turned in the right way can release a bit of liquid into the pool; picture "Typhoon Lagoon" filled with greasy tourists.

Bear in mind that there are "conflicting signals" at the moment. The tea leaves are becoming difficult to read, put another scapula on the fire!

Could it... sideling up to a big bowl of Bold Claim Soup here... could it be that because the "velocity of money" in blockchain is on the order of seconds or at worst minutes where the velocity of money in paper certificate land is still possibly weeks, we'll let you know...?

Maybe lots of hodlers thinking, "Ought to buy that Google doorbell thing and that generator."

Meaning, there is a Great Deflation coming (ooh! I should have opened with that!) and fiat responds 6-7 weeks later?

Does Coinbase publish enough to figure out if there are a bunch of "buys" queued up?

tl;dr -- Y'all, people still be writing cheques! If the crowd's conclusion is "things are getting ugly out there", maybe "smart" money reacts more quickly?

- 1 toast