Mike Burr - log

[Charlemagne] Artificial Sweetener

[NB: this is no longer for you, instead it's thinking on, introspection and observations about people like you. I like to have ideas and I'm unashamed of all of my ideas.]

There are things that one can't relate to when they're trying to be empathetic and understand another person. The twinge of joy you feel at X or the jab of rage you feel about Y... Where do they come from? If I don't like X or Y, why can't I just choose not to think about them?

I don't know myself, I think they are "emotions", but that has a different meaning to everyone anyhow.

Another thing I can't relate to is [guessing here] when I see someone replace feeling X or Y with feeling Z, with the gain turned all the way up to 11.

To stew in Z and savor Z and really FEEL Z strongly. What is up with that? I don't have that at all. I'm a "true believer" about nothing.

But I guess in some it is a shield that helps not let X or Y ever spoil the party. In other words,

"The freemasons wanna ban crossbows?!"

"I want to murder them but instead I'll plea 'superior' and be rude and sarcastic to this guy standing on my left."


"They mustn't be allowed to take away from the purity and righteous grandeur of the fatherland. The Tongue of The Ancestors and The Old Gods before all!!"

- 1 toast