Mike Burr - log

[Charlemagne] But why?

It takes effort to not stew about how you have wronged me. I can say, honestly, of all the people I've ever known, you:

  1. Are the most "triggered" by criticism of anyone I've ever known. You have the "tell" of a 12 year old poker player. You get super pissed and start feeling sanctimonious and outraged, and you respond with the most stinging remark you can come up with. I'd go as far as to say, this is a fight-or-flight response. Pretty strongly associated with fear. You are allergic to criticism. Criticism is your kryptonite. When you are being criticized, that's contrary to the universe's central purpose: to stroke your ego.
  2. Are freer with criticism towards others than anyone I have ever known. It's all (gestures broadly) "their" fault. Whoever you are mad at this week for whatever Breaking News Alert you saw that milked your sweet, sweet outrage. Squeezed your gland just so. It's all them! If it weren't for you meddling kids!

The above makes you FEEL like a swaggering badass, but at your core, you are wrecked and desperately sad and feel DEEPLY WRONGED.

Do you see how it feeds back on itself, generation after generation?

Telling me "stop beeing so libril", you are actually telling me, "I am feeling threatened! Hiss! Lunge! Hiss!" You've submersed yourself in a fantasy world where you are never criticized, and it feels soo good!

Or does it?

- 1 toast