Mike Burr - log

[Charlemagne] DOING anything means working under constant supervision

What is deeply ironic about all of this is that you wanted a certain kind of person, and so you used the stick and only the stick—shame, disgust, contempt, exasperation... all of the levers that you have as a Highly Respected and Noble Troothsayer, and the result is someone whose hand shakes when he touches a wrench.

I have a phobia of being a normal, productive, contented tinkerer like so many people I know. Every bit of forward progress you make is laughable. The stupid way you twisted those wires. User your brain. Going out and working on the "thing" in the "shed" greatly exacerbates the chittering imp on my shoulder that says I'm a dumb fuck.

I am working through it. No thanks to you.

- 1 toast