Mike Burr - log

[Charlemagne] It's grief, you know?

I bet you are familiar with "grief". Have you ever experienced grief? Like you're soul's going through the shredder and the world doesn't make sense anymore?

Well, if there is no hope of ever "communicating" with you, then my ruminating on how we can patch things up, is like wishing for someone to come back to life again, so all can be forgiven.

It's a kind of torture, but I own it and will forever embrace it.

Yep, my dad chose to chose double-down politics over me. And even that explanation doesn't make sense, because I'm assigned beliefs and then hated for them. It is munchausian. Very crawfordian.

And yet you exist. In your own bubble of self-affirmation. But then again you don't.

- 1 toast