Mike Burr - log

[Charlemagne] Oh boy, "communication" !

There are things that you "recognize" I like to say "intelectually", that is, the concept is up there in your brain. You know why it is so. You acknowledge that it is probably the optimal when compared to the other ideas. It's "right" in other words. But then, you don't live your life by this idea. Here's mine:

  • You should not be bothered by what others think

I'm sure everyone has this problem to an extent. I know about that. I know it's what I'm supposed to do, not care. But then it kind of happens anyway, more than I'd like. I am worried about what they think. Do you have such a thing in your inventory? "I should be more humble?" maybe?

Anyway, in that same category for me is "I should not hold hatred for anyone". It's a net-bad. It eats you (the hater) up inside. It has at best no effect on the other person. Usually it involves negative things regarding the other person: angry confrontations, etc.

What part of any of this is good?

Ergo, hating another person is bad.

But I can't seem to put aside the anger whenever I find myself thinking of you. You are a bully. It has caused me a lifetime of torment. Hard to shake that. Yes, there are people who get whoooooped by there pa daily and dig ditches for a living until they drop dead. I am aware that I am fortunate. But the wounds for me are deep just the same. If that's "libril" then, I apologize to you for that. I am very sorry that "imma libril" so much of the time. It's a failing.

So, that really is the majority of why I just choose to completely cut you out of my life. Your goal in life is to use certain people as an emotional butt rag that you can unload upon if you've had a bad day, for example.

Meanwhile utterly failing at fatherhood. Just like the "niggers".

- 1 toast