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[Charlemagne] Politics, making me mad

I'm actually probably a bit unique in that I can muster some genuine outrage when the conversation goes political. Not the kind of outrage that you have to show your peers how outraged you are and how appropriate it is to be outraged by this particular topic, as this is one of the topics of outrage that we share, is it not, friend? ...not that kind of outrage, the real kind, back when the word "outrage" had a clear, concise, helpful definition.

Actual outrage, because I've seen the far end of the how-much-you-actually-care spectrum of political shit-talk. I've been traumatized by witnessing cult-y, non-stop, uk-soccer-fan-like, angry-drunk-but-surprisingly-completely-sober political opinion-having. It's ugly when you have someone close to you that desperately loves the Patriots and will not let it go. Your not also being a Patriots fan is a fault justifies any amount of cruelty to this angry terrier that has ahold of your pant leg. By the way, sometimes it's a mastiff. If your 3'6", it's a mastiff.

When it is that bad, you quickly recognize it in other people. Whether you are a Tutsi or a Hutus, there is a number of obvious "tells" with these people (I know, ironic, right? I've found my hated demographic. Yay.)

If it's a stranger you meet at the airport, it's usually an invitation to argue. If it's a close family member, it is the same thing. And wherever or whoever it happens to be, it is a broken record that they (much less you) have any ability to fix.

Don't be this person.

Not being this person requires honest introspection. If you try, and that doesn't happen, it might be because you have a cloud of shame hovering over you. After all, it's fundamentally wrong to be a Tutsi. You should be ashamed of thinking "the opposite".

- 1 toast