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[Charlemagne] Therathartic

I know I've been "done with all this" already multiple times. Sorry, it's therapeutic and cathartic (and just writing shit is what I do sometimes.)

The Jesus Stuff

If I am not mistaken, being a "good christian" is a fundamental part of being a "good conservative" (at least outside Saudi Arabia).

Now, what I want to know is: are you an atheist? Are you a christian? Which one? Neither? Are you a zoro?

If it's "Christian", because I believe it probably would be (feel free to differ at this point) would would you agree that it's important to pass along this essential information to someone who you thought should "be conservative"?

I need to inform you that you failed completely in that regard.

I have never heard you say any of the following words:

  • love
  • jesus*
  • christ*
  • christian
  • abortion
  • church
  • bible

* except when you were violating Ten Commandments #3 [1-based]

Ok... "never" is surely an exaggeration, I'll grant you that. But, I cannot recall any such thing. Given how you never, ever talked about such things, I believe it would stand out strongly for me if you ever did. Maybe it's a mental block on my part. I am only human.

Here's an example of "standing out": I remember pointing out to you a vestigial pelvis bone in a large and (obviously) whale skelleton in some museum or other. Your response was to glare at me. After maybe 10 solid seconds of staring, I probably asked "no? I mean, that's right where it'd be. And I'm pretty sure I read about such a thing..."

More staring. Empty, glassy, German staring

- 1 toast