Mike Burr - log

[Charlemagne] There are Starving Children in Japan

Yes, I am aware that there are people who don't have it so good as me. What an amazing insight. Did you ever consider that might apply to you also? Maybe you have it much better than the vast, vast, vast majority of humans that ever existed? Maybe compared to a bronze-age king, you live...like a king? Do you think that's all from pulling yourself up by your jack-boot-straps? You, no-good, ungrateful, spoiled ninny!!

It's very much like an upper-middle class white, teenage boy who lives in Santa Clara raging about the evil 1%-ers. "Yeah, but, you too" is really all one can say. Maybe it will dawn on him in 30 years? Maybe it'll never dawn on him? In the mean time, it's not my problem. Stupid is as stupid does.

What's odd is to fetishize working harder and less efficiently than necessary. To spend a full day fixing your 20 year old, $100, Chinese toaster oven... That doesn't sound much like something Thuh Wite Man would do, being all extra smarter and whotnot.

Work good. More work better. Me work hard, earn praise? Then the really appreciate!

- 1 toast