Mike Burr - log

[Charlemagne] With regard too calibration

You've lived in a fantasy kingdom where you are right about everything for decades and decades and decades. And why not? Salve for my heart after all.

But like every tyrant in the history of the world, you end up looking like cartoonish clown to those no longer in your orbit. You're Curly, with the vaseline in his glove. You're Foghorn Leghorn, completely unaware of his aw-d-ass-ity.

I'm just sayin'. You're super transparent to the rest of us. I know you're just a simple country lawyer, but I bet if you reckon upon it for a spell, you'll come around.

I'm sorry that your carefully-constructed world is falling down around you. Is it the librils? Do you think it were the librils who dun it?

- 1 toast