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[comp] A meme network for the meme economy

No but seriously.

What if, on say "Twitter", instead of focusing on the "user" (who is saying the thing), we focus on "things", individual, identifiable, clear things.

type: opinion
tags: environment, politics, climate, public policy
text: "Global warming is definitely happening!"
cost: 9000

We could package that up and put it in a huge database along with other "packets".

But what's this "cost" thing? Well, if you open your database to the world and say, "Have at it! Everyone use their client to start adding some information packets!", you will have an unmanageable noise/spam problem. [Of course this all assumes billions of enthusiastic participants who see the value in this]

Every atom of thought is a candidate for inclusion: "Grandpa stinks!" and "Jupiter is larger than my little brother." There's an unimaginable number of raw, tiny info packages. How else do you manage spam? -- Charge a toll!

How? Burn Ether some crypto currency somehow: Somehow signal the sacrifice you or your crew contributed to the very correctness or emphatic belief or accurate-labeling of the statement or number.

I dare say, there's no other correct way of storing all of human knowledge collaboratively. Ideas like "Don't mug old ladies" and "1+1=2" must somehow get their recognition, while "Spitting in the aisle on an airplane is more or less ok if it's an emergency" and "Dia/Rad=3.1" should have no hope of ever getting up there.

Talk is cheap, in other words.

And I might be straying from is this:

How do we make the Twitter of Ideas?; where the ideas are the main focus and the participants are (maybe ideally) anonymous?

The idea is the network (graph? database?) has 1) ideas and 2) a way to rank the overall "correctness" of the information. And/or:

  • Connect
  • Graph
  • Store
  • Annotate
  • Prove

...little tiny atoms of ideas. Can it be done? Does it even make sense?

Maybe I am thinking r/Place meets blockchain (have they met? they probably have.)

/meme I have no idea what I'm doing

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