Mike Burr - log

[comp] Dogfooding CVS

I have two ways of sticking it to the man:

  1. Need to "speak to a pharmacist"? Have an app that works the following way:
    1. You fill out a form describing your goal, e.g., "Fax the fucking doctor to refill my prescription!!!". Anything that might be required but only you would know the answer to needs to be captured here. Or at least 80% of it.
    2. A.I. Magic Happens
    3. You press a button and it calls the pharmacy, smartly making its way through the menus. It even knows to say "fuck shit goddamnit" to enable the "angry customer" emergency bypass.
    4. AI has a conversation with your pharmacist. Sorts it all out.
    5. Clerk knows this is "one of those apps again", which is greatly hated around "the lab". Absolutely no one sees the irony.
  2. Need to fill out a fucking form by scratching ink into it with a sharp stick? Have an app for that (this is even easier.)
    • There is endless training data available. *
    • Showing the user a PDF preview to accept/reject/edit costs nothing.
    • This fancy program has all your secret info, like the 9 digit decimal code the government uses for you in the CITIZEN_ID column of the totally-secure database somewhere, your physical address, etc.
    • Even if it's only 75% accurate, you can just click on the other 25% and say, "show me alternatives", or "this actually goes over here, thx".
    • The endless paperwork arms race becomes a run on the wood pulp industry. Invest now!
  • Speaking of which, how much would "they" charge for these hours and hours of "quality assurance" recordings!? I mean, does automating everything with software to free you up to do useful things not count as improving quality? Terms, bro. Possibly training data here too. I cannot imagine ancient company X that went out of business three years ago would object to a coupla Ether in exchange for their 10,000 hours of "quality assurance" recordings currently sitting in storage...

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