Mike Burr - log

[comp] How do you "store" compute capacity? What is the "energy" to "compute power"?

Why do we talk about compute "power" but not compute "energy".

There are a few "answers" or "solutions" that I can think of:

  • Manufacture a CPU and put it on a shelf
  • Predict the and do things that turn out to be helpful often enough to be worthwhile
  • Mine bitcoin

I suspect that: There's a nugget of useful "science" to be uncovered here but it will go in unexpected places.

Bullets! Pew-Pew!

  • Thought experiments:
    • what if energy were literally free?
  • bitcoin yes, but one-way like energy-to-heat
  • If you compress some data in your system, you could suddenly make your system more efficient...for their entire life. How much "compute" did you save the universe? You must have spent some "compute energy" there (by taking a shortcut in your brain?)

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