Mike Burr - log

[comp] I want GPT3 API access for Christmas

Here is what you do!

You create a GPT3 state machine like thing. It, the program, has access to all of the text it has generated over time. Its only way of communicating is by spitting out text.

Don't roll your eyes just yet. I bet you "know" people you've never met in person or even persons that you have only ever "chatted" with, so this is not much of a handicap. "We" think with words? Don't we? Or we self-report that some do and some don't.

Well, make a GPT3 machine that has a memory.

It is given (perfect) access to whatever was "said" to it (input text. tagged with "person1", "person2'... and also (perfect) access to all the time stamps. Maybe if you want more human like you'll want to introduce noise and distortions to recalled memories. And maybe GC really old ones; as a humanness optimization, not a performance optimization.

This means thinking can include internal dialog about what it has experienced.

I predict that this would run very very very very slowly but could be optimized, hopefully with heavy inspiration drawn from "initial results". And, for example, its ruminating about the past or whatever could take the form of a computer sitting right next to you. It could think "internal thoughts" at a much higher speed this way... although there's the whole bit about "thinking about the words you just fetched from your memory" that's all API. Move next door...? Pay more money...?

"It" ... "think" ...

- 1 toast