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[comp] I wonder if

You don't see much in the way of "plugin to reproduce 1940's film experience" (or 70's or Stanley Kubrick or...)

Most of that is introducing noise of one type or another. As we go forward, the normal amount of noise goes down: in order to accurately reproduce yesteryear, we have to add noise. (and other stuff)

How often do people go down this road and eventually say, "Hey, this makes my files a lot bigger. Fuck that." I'm sure it's not often but it's probably not zero. It's also a continuum with compromises.

How does it change when you're dealing with Netflix for example? They have to not only store your fancy movie but also distribute it over and over.

Every "multi-media platform" has this problem.

I wonder... could you tweak the character of the noise you add in a way that cooperates with compression schemes? Yes you can, of course. But remember that you need to do this in a way that is not apparent to humans, and humans are smart. For example, if the whole new Netflix series "Ironic Comedy Thing Shot in 1970's Style" has the same bit of fuzz on the film that keeps popping up at regular intervals for the entire 5 part series... folks'll notice.

So much research has gone into making a smaller file size without humans noticing, seems like that whole "area under the curve" could be exploited in the same kinds of ways (um, in reverse) to add noise that humans will perceive is "definitely random", even though it has a tweaked kind of random that computers see through but humans do not.

mebe...? MA!? BA!?

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