Mike Burr - log

[comp] Networks + Experts = Netxperts

Imagine each participant a human with two abstract, trustable data interfaces.

One in, and one out. Your job as a neuron is to pass along knowledge to others. You do this using the best "lossless compression" you know of.

In a Feynmanian way, your job is to be a good "explainer" and to not let useful information drop through, as it passes by.

You are rewarded as a neuron. You get bitcoin or something.

The point is, you refine knowledge, but not outside of your expertise, and hopefully you have incentives to optimize your process.

All nodes are "pointing the same way", so you'll find rivers and then pools of accessible knowledge by looking around.

If you're a highly trained such-n-such and you could make money but pushing knowledge uphill, would you? Not even for a debt forgiveness?

- 1 toast