Mike Burr - log

[comp] The Great Dumbening

It is truly wonderful that the internet now hums along in its apparently perfect Wardian Case. No blight; no mites.

And a lot of this is because of concentration of resources, automation-as-a-service, and shedding redundant layers as organizations merge and try to become more efficient via the economies of scale. It works, mostly.

But fewer people involved means fewer and more concentrated pockets of "we actually understand how this shit works". These people can write stuff down, but, for example the tens of thousands of "10x engineers" employed by AWS and all the other big players actually, importantly, understand these things.

And they all work so well, some of these people are going to do "whatever they goddamnwell please" and still be called "senior IT muckety-muck" and get paid a fat salary and retire... and their creations need no help. They're working just fine, thanks. "A small hand full of people exist to feed and water me, but I'm fine."

When that understanding generation kicks off, do we have proper replacements?


Weird to ponder. Prbly fine tho.

- 1 toast