Mike Burr - log

Daddy's Little Airplane Guy!

You're daddy's little airplane guy.
You know that we both like to go fly.
Up in the air, without anyone to make me maaad.
Watch what your pa can do! Loopity loopty loo.

Your my little airplane guy.
You like show paw you can fly.
You work and you save.
And then some day you saaaaaaay
Look at me pa, now I can fly.

Don't you love and adore me now dad
I can fly in the air like sinbad!
I'm, like, as cool as you now.
Oh boy the future's like "wow".

Oh, my boy, that ain't how you fly, now.
You grow up old school like down south.
You're real gee wiz man when like ol' paw youu caaaaaaan
Fly with a swagger, cowboy!

I'm a flying man look at me wow.
To airshows and with fans we go now.
Struttin' all kinda' stuff, yeah we're real special stuuuuuuuf
Off I go flyin' yee haaaaaaaaaw...

- 1 toast