Mike Burr - log

Gland Awareness Day

I'm proposing that there be a Gland Awareness Day.

If you need to ask what that means, then perfect. That was the whole idea.

I'm a big fan of Discworld. DEATH talks a lot about "glands" and I think it's some cryptoprofundity. It is literally true that while you are thinking this or that and you get a feeling, if not being caused directly by some gland going "squirt", it is, I think, very likely that what you "feel" is at most one layer of cause-effect away from being "directly" caused by glands (going "squirt").

Zoom out a bit and you realize that's a description of your entire brain, by necessity (I think): Your brain is mechanical, and if you, for example, have an unpleasant feeling, it's a) some long chain of cause-effect propagating through some piece of physical universe or b) is some gland going "squirt".

Either way, understand it for what it is: a feeling, which is a name we've attached to these things. They are more "other" than they might seem at first. "There goes a feeling", you might say. You ought to say ;-)

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