Mike Burr - log

It's the relative backwardness that counts

I'm sure that Issac Newton's parents where crazy-homeless level superstitious and afraid of the world by modern standards. Lots of crossing one's self and all that.

But they were probably average for their time. Their neighbors were the same way. I believe Newton had some very normal head-butting type problems with his (step?) dad. But I doubt they were telling him to stop thinking about that sinful gravity stuff.

Contrast that with the modern family that Jesus up the place real hard. Lots of stern looks at showing too much ankle. Lots of bowing our heads to pray for 9000 consecutive nights without having a discussion about "why" and "are we sure it's necessary?".

Or the Amish. I have no idea what kind of people the Amish produce, but I doubt that on average it's very "tolerant". If a flaming gay walks by, I'm sure the anger rises. It's wrong after all. And all sins are equal in the eyes of God. QED, I'm justified in beating the shit out of him. I suppose in the case of the Amish, they all stay on their little Truman Show except for "radicals" that get away and disown all that stuff (...you know...smart people).

Anyway, my thesis is: it's the relative hard-headed-backwardness of your environment that determines if you're going to be Florida Man, Doubler Down of KFC and Opinions.

- 1 toast