Mike Burr - log

It's time for a goddamn rant

I have BOAS [blubber obstructed airway syndrome] also known as "sleep apnea". So I use a CPAP (or BIPAP, which is the latest technological breakthrough). I really kind of need the thing. If I just had to do without, I'd have mass neuron death all night every night. I'd turn into a Floridian.

I've been using the same filthy, slime-mould infested bipap machine for probably 2+ years after "recommended life" or whatever. I had a sleep study. I had it "calibrated" and "rechecked" regularly (a $30 copay thank youu!)

So my numbers are in some doctor's office in San Jose. In order to get one, I need a brand new "sleep study" (a $200 copay thankuuu!!)

Why can I not get one with the same numbers all dialed in? Why does it cost $5000? Why does the $0.5 plastic "mask" cost $200 to replace...? Those are just mysteries we'll never revolve. Technology is expensive! Don't believe me? You can check the price of literally anything in the world, instantly, with the always-connected supercomputer you have in your pocket that cost you a few days' salary.

This is so obviously, completely broken and I have never seen people so obviously, completely oblivious. No big whoop, whachagonnado? It's China Town.

- 1 toast