Mike Burr - log

[Juliet] Hey, I love you

Most of the time, when I think of you, I think: she's shell-shocked. You seem sometimes to be in a long-running "funk", where you're perpetually frazzled. I think that is partly an act. How much part? I do not know. But you've used it as a coping mechanism as long as I've known you. If some bully in your life is poking you in the chest asking you why dinner's not ready, if you act exasperated and flummoxed, and pitiable, you'll get a pass this time.

I think you, like a lot of other people in this world, have achieved less than your potential because you've had certain influences in your life that have not been great for your development as a person.

It's sad. It's as old as time, though. I'm just sayin', lots of people, like yourself, maybe got a bum wrap (hah, wat). Life's unfair, and all of your faults are more or less "not your fault". One plays the cards one is dealt. :shrug:

Value yourself more.

- 1 toast