Mike Burr - log

[masks] More equal than others

I think maybe the masks are starting to go away. Great. I am all for it. Let's put away our masks.

Here's an angle you haven't thought of. Decades ago, there was a big fight about "discrimination". And we solved one of our problems by saying that businesses "can't discriminate". This is the floppiest, vaguest, most open to interpretation edict that's ever come down. In practice it has come to mean "I can refuse service to anyone for any reason, as long as you are not an oppressed class*." So, if you do happen to be brown in color, look forward to having more forgiving standards applied to you if a business owner would have, all other things being equal, ejected you from their property. The same thing applies to any protected-class-of-the-week.

Now, "cunservidivs" are walking into stores without wearing a mask for the express purpose of picking a fight. When challenged, they whip out a piece of paper and proudly declare that they are "disabled" and therefore do not have to wear a mask.

Wouldn't it be great if these property owners had the right to simply eject people from their store for not wearing a mask?

[Black people in the 60's] -- An angry, old, racist white man in downtown Swampberg kicked me out of his soda shop for being black! I demand that there be a law preventing him from doing that to other people he doesn't like for vague social reasons!

...law and time pass...

[Old white people in the 20's] -- A shift manager at McDonalds with purple hair and facial piercings is trying to kick me out of their store for not wearing a mask. I'm disabled! Here is a crumpled piece of paper saying so. Call the police and have them make me leave!

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