Mike Burr - log

The whole narrative about healthcare in the US is wrongheaded.

The idea that we can design ourselves out of the epic disaster that is US healthcare is absurd and laughs in the face history itself.

Most folks who go on and on about this (except for me of course) have great ideas about how to "fix" it all and it just requires electing Honest Bill the definitely altruistic politician. He's got a plan! And if your favorite politician doesn't get elected? Then what? Hold more rallies and wait four more years?

The whole thing is impossibly broken, all of the actors do absurd things like pay for some pills with cash and others with "insurance" without ever stopping to ask why? Is it because insurance makes things cheaper? Is that why we use insurance? Why do you get car insurance, life insurance, renters' insurance, and volist finger insurance from your wallet and medical insurance "through your employer"? why do you pay for the same pills for decades "with your insurance" but you pay for your car's tyres with regular money? Hmm? I'm not going to tell you. You need to start thing-king!

It's just endless the amount of stupid that is right there on the surface waving its arms and shouting loudly. Everyone has a Great Plan to fix it but no one thinks to just ask "why?" Or if they do, there is a simple answer: gready corpurashuns (now go back the revolution).

Is there any more regulated sector in the US than healthcare? Maybe nuclear power? Regulation is all-purvasive in healthcare. You can all but think "dog food" and have it show up at your door, meanwhile folks think nothing of filling out the same 8 pages of nonsense WITH A PEN every time you go to see a doctor about anything. Do you think doctors do this because they are mean? Is it because they are lazy? Do you think these greedy doctors want to infuriate their customers/patients? Why does this happen? Why do pharmacies still fax things? Because we haven't had a president bleat loudly enough about the great leap forward in modernizing medicine for the information super highway??!!


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