Mike Burr - log

Meine Traurige Kindheit

How many times have you heard "such and such notoriously evil person had horrific childhood, ya know"?

That's almost obviously true. Dictators, etc, serial killers, etc, corporate attorneys, etc.

What is more interesting is that these people changed history, for the worse, because they let their feelings get away from them.

If Franco had let a few things roll of his back, we would probably not have had a murderous fascist state up until the mid 70's. He would have become... a nice butcher or something.

His brothers both became fuckleheads that were destructive (I think, you look it up) so maybe we can say the shitstorm was especially strong in that household. BTW, mother? -- deeply religious. father? -- sliverback retard.

If Franco had... say, spent a summer working in the country with a non-creepy uncle, who was optimistic, clever, kind, easy-going, and occasionally affectionate (NO TOUCHING) toward the l'il lad, I bet we could have redirected and corrected the course of Hurricane Franco. Easily.

Or maybe there's just some goddamn complex of chemicals that lets one become more "detached" and "philosophical" .... philosophase

But all of world history took a big step in the direction "not good" because he could not get over his hurt feelings.

The same is true for all the others. Er, most at least.

If you can't eradicate bad upbringings maybe you can effectively treat the symptoms with a dose of philosophical tools (psychiatrist hate this one trick).

"Good going there.", "Don't let things worry you. You just do your best." "Don't go around mass-murdering, now."

- 1 toast