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[mind] An open letter to anyone thinking about "the meaning of life"

Sit down. Have some coffee. I am speaking to you in a very disarming manor...

I think that whatever you mean by that question might be helpful. It's probably clear and clever. But. But.

Going 4D here for just a minute, I think we might be adding to the confusion because, for one trying to agree on a meaning for /meaning/, just the word, as a label for a shared idea, is not something to go glossing over, I think.

I think, minimally, that people who talk about this are sometimes siloed differently in their understanding of the question to the point that they think the opposing viewpoint is crazy, illogical, Inconceivable.

The word meaning can have varous meanings.

  • "The meaning of life" --> "The purpose of life"
  • "The meaning of life" --> "What life /is/"

There are more :barricade"

- 1 toast