Mike Burr - log

[mind] "authority"

Put me "implicitly" with some kind and amount of authority over you: your boss, babysitter, arresting officer, parent...

Now, I can look at you and make untrue accusations about you, to you, in private. Just you and me. Or I can even make a statement to which there's an expected reply; "You were driving. Don't ya think?" or "Sure feel bad for anyone that didn't vote for Honest Dick Johnson of the 3rd District."

You can try to wiggle around this with some hemming and hawing, but if he puts his hand on his truncheon butt or he implies that there's some deficit in people who don't Vote Johnson and assuming you "don't want to disappoint"... you may wind up compulsively saying words you don't believe because you feel helpless or the situation seems hopeless.

- 1 toast