Mike Burr - log

[mind] Furious George Jr.

I imagine a business opportunity. Imagine two people who are hopelessly and deeply furious at each other. Suppose they have an history of "sitting down to talk it out", where every time both parties are clearly stifling rage at the other. Maybe there's no literal shouting. Maybe that just draws contrast for the observers because to outside observers everyone agrees: "those two are fuckin pissed."

In any case, we're considering a pair of people who don't openly yell at each other. There's tips of the hat, and my-good-sir's. It's apparent to everyone there's big tension and it's always "just this side" of complete flipouts on both sides. Say they are related and therefore "have" to be "nice", that adds extra spice.

The surrounding people are so concerned about these two that they make use of a service whose purpose is to undo these kinds of situations, or maybe "defuse". In any case, their job is to put an end to it.

Here is what said service does: Both parties are kidnapped. This is illegal pretty much everywhere, but it's also an unavoidable part of the protocol. If things don't work out for the best, someone will surely press charges. This doesn't happen because the protocol does work.

Both parties are separately kidnapped at the same time and brought to "the facility" where they are both strapped to roll around dollies, just like Silence of the Lambs. There is no face mask or spit guard, though. The head is left completely free to gimbal and spit. The rest of the body is thoroughly restrained though. You are strapped tight to a hand truck. You cannot move anything except for your head. There are big, intimidating nurses that wheel these two wherever they need to go.

The two are taken to The Room where they are wheeled up together, facing one another. Their faces are placed about 6 inches away from each other. No spit guard. Their heads are completely free and unencumbered. Headbutts are accounted for and disallowed. There is no actual contact, but the faces end up as close to one another as can be.

And the two are just left there. The room is not special except for being made easy to clean. The two are just left there. Lights are on, everyone's had a pee and a poo and won't need a drink or a snack for a good long while.

The two are just left there. Faces inches apart.

Patients without insurance can receive a discount by allowing all this to be publicly streamed.

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