Mike Burr - log

[mind] Me be like

"I'll be your friend today."

It's weird and it's, well rather personal, to think about conjuring up self acceptance if not self love. It's a real chore sometimes.

But it's rather reassuring to know that that guys's out there. Ready to pal around and stop fucking worrying for crying out loud.

Whether you get that from a friend or friends, or whether you find yourself in "solitary" for some "crime" (which, let's face it, is often what we'd all call a real crime, but one wonders. I just wonder, that's all. Lock em up? ...folks should think about the humanity of that particular bit of punishment.), you're gonna need that person. Or, maybe more desperately want that person. Because it's real likely, whether "Cast Away" or "Unibomber", there's ways of easily ending up there.

Not to mention other ways in which your network can shrink!

We all picture ourselves as Cool Hand Luke, but I think most of us would more be mostly-fucking-crazy if it went on long enough*

But imagining yourself as Cool Hand Look, reading all those interesting books about eggs... maybe a bunch of pushups.

The reason you need books is because that lets you sort of turn the handle on the engine of "good company" in your head. Your inner voice can be a kind old grandpa relating a story or that of a character in the story. No big deal, just LoFiVR.

But without that kind of thing. Wozers, right? Are you still allowed to scratch stuff into the walls? That would help me I think. Make art. Do geometry. Draw a little story...

Anyway, just a thought about what goes on in your head, because it's doubly likely to happen to me+you than to me alone.

It's like a cyberspace prepper kind of mental exercise, as in "Ok, it happened. Now what?"

Can you imagine ending up, say "quite alone" and not having made friends with yourself beforehand?

* -- Hey, what if, like, this happened to say 10% the world's population all at once!?

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