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[mind] Nicotine: Finally Bad for You

Nicotine is probably bad.

It plays with blood chemistry regarding enjoyment+focus=mastery. It's artificial reward. It just raises the tide. In this case a rising tide is a bad thing. Imagine if a plant found a "small trick" to raise the water level. Suddenly everyone has root rot and the big business industry is to blame. (links...)

For me this is impactful and explains lots and lots of shit about me.

Does gradual loss of the ability to learn new things sound like a bad thing to do? If you smoke a ciggie when you're looking at the tile above a urinal, maybe you'll learn some new words scratched into the grout and increase your vocabulary. But also it feels good so you have another one later in the alley and learn about rats. And also, maybe stuff sticks around a lot, as it's in your bloodstream? Maybe. Maybe not.

But it's not a huge leap to imagine that having "more" is not good for learning and is maybe just bad for brain chemistry in subtle ways that result in: "who knows what". Maybe this or some other political wave that sloshed around the world had at least in part as its cause the poopooing of smoking by masses of people? Are there a hive-level withdraws effects of nicotine?

To me this is a more compelling reason to quit nicotine than the whole cancer coverup. Or "plancer" as I call it.

Imagine the motivation in being able to more efficiently learn a new thing! Whenever! Macrame. Hiking. Maybe even campfire songs!

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