Mike Burr - log

[mind] Outward "Hate" is literally an anathama to objectivity

And here is why: "hate", in addition to being a floppy word whose meaning every person must guess at, is a human thing. Surely. You might find all the same "social structure" on an alien planet and find threads that you can maybe map to "human hate" onto, but we'll probably be too distracted by their carapaces to notice their dislike for one-another.

It's totally steeped in culture and ridiculous to any thinking-thing who understands the obvious goal of Hey, Let's all at least survive, okay?

Despite that being the core concern of nearly every human on earth, that takes a back seat when someone must observe, "Hey, that street urchin stole my hand-purse! O, curse them!" or "That distinctly-hued person has parked discourteously. Typical."

Whatever your flavor, note that all of these people (we'll just call them "people" to be brief) have a mix of ideas and feelings washing around, just like you and if having an extra segment on your carapace is something you just can't get over, you should recognize and understand what this means at more of a "hive" level.

They're just as on-the-verge and bothered as you are, and unless you think there is a correlation between dorsal spines (for humans are backwards) and computing power, or if you do think actual lack of yellow matter is a moral failing and justifies banishment from the annual Spawning Cloud via social intrigue, know you cause not only unwarranted and pointless unhappiness in an average shrimp but also unknowingly are increasing the amount of unusable heat in the bait ball. We've evolved past this.

We no longer need to shape our sperm packets in ways that preference spineless offspring. End it now before we bring our own extinction.

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